Our mission

  • Our mission
    To coordinate and ensure you the best medical treatment available in the world.

    What protection do you need?
    During a critical medical situation, you need to know that you will have access to the best therapies and treatments available. Also, you want to make sure that the health coverage you have paid for years will work smoothly and efficiently.
    Once the medical center and treatment have been chosen, we will help you with the coordination of services.
    We understand that, at this moment, you are concerned about your health and you must focus on it.
    You can't waste any energy on administrative issues, financial stress or any other distraction.
    That is why we will obtain the payment guarantee for the hospital and we will make sure to comply with the necessary administrative requirements for your insurance to work perfectly.
    We want to give you the relief you need to recover.

    What is the right product for you?
    The process of selecting the right product for you is vital.
    We have a wide portfolio of world-class companies and products.
    Therefore, we will ask you the pertinent questions in order to identify the option that best suits your needs. We will devote the necessary time so you can have the precise information to make an informed and wise decision.
    At this stage, we will listen, understand and communicate what is often difficult to express.
    We seek to establish a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust and transparency and that relationship begins with the appropriate choice of product.

    Senior plan
    This plan includes a lifetime coverage up to 3 million USD and ample coverage for inpatient and outpatient medical procedures. Also, it offers the comfort of knowing that you have the protection and understanding that your health needs.

    Professional sports:

    In order to fully enjoy your sport or hobbies, you need to insure yourself and your participants from accidents and injuries.

    With this plan you minimize risks that are present at athletic and recreational events. Take a look at our top programs with medical coverage for professional athletics.

    You will be covered for an annual Wellness Exam, with no deductible applicable for the following services: